If you are looking for any kind of Tibetan or Asian Furniture, please email us, we will contact our well known and reliable local suppliers providing pictures, a precise valuation and shipping appraisal to your home. Thanks


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Monk's table, carved and painted wood - Tibet, half of the 19th century
  cm. 76 x 34 x h.41
Monk's table,  carved and painted walnut wood with lateral drawer - Tibet end of the 19th century
cm. 75 x 35 x 35
Carved wood Indonesian door (complete) - Indonesia 19th century
cm. 170 x 80
Mahogany altar table carved and pierced - China 1800
cm. 106 x 52 x 86
Monk's Folding Table, carved and painted wood with dragons and phoenix motifs and svastik on the borders - Tibet 1900
cm. 41 x 82

Large Tables and furniture could have expensive shipping costs (200 to 500 Euros to Usa or Asia). Please always email us for precise measures, actual shipping prices & informations. Thanks.